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Really great! The idea is awesome, and I loved the boat part

eu amei o jogo! mal posso esperar pra ver mais sobre isso

really love that, can't wait for the full game to come out

this game gives me the old school memories i had in the ps1 era i hope you create the game your trying to make

Man this game is great Looking forward towards the full game, soon as possible please :)

Alright so, this is actually really good, you've done a great job trying to give that nostalgia feeling. Some advice tho: The camera behind the player is weird, maybe it should be positioned a little bit higher on the player or a little bit more far away from his back, because actually a large part of the screen is occupied by the character.
There is a bug too, entering the shed before the boat, the camera changes fast and the controls are relative to the camera, so you can end up going in and out of the shed, making cameras shake hard, not understanding how to get out of that situation. Try to make a little transition, so this doesn't happen, or make the controls relative to player and not to the camera.
With this said, this is great, keep it on bro!

So much love for this game and aesthetics on so many level. Really wished it was much much longer

A few things though, would be good when in 3rd person mode where the camera is just slightly further away, feels a little uncomfortable when its so close to the guy's backpack, and also loses view of whats going on.

Hopefully you complete this demo into a full game!

Games from this time period are a cornerstone for my gamer identity. A lot of titles that are classics to me are very reminiscent while playing your game, it was awesome! I honestly would suggest continuing development for this. Just to close the story out and have a solid game because the story felt like it was building to something bigger and it was a fun experience to the end! 

Great work!

I think this has a lot going for it. Reminds me a lot of early Silent Hill  and Nightmare Creatures. The controls changed on me when the camera went to a fixed position, but I got accustomed to it. The ambience is really impressive, so I really hope we see more! 

It's looking great so far. Definitely has a Silent Hill vibe to it. 

my playthrough starts at 26:45

Great atmosphere in this one, it brought me back to the old ps1 horror games which i adore so this was a treat. I'm very curious how the story will evolve, it kept me interested, had fun playing the demo! Looking forward towards the full game!

I loved the more authentic ps1 style graphics over the pixel filter. The gameplay was great too but i had a little trouble on the fire section. other than that i loved it!

really great game and i had my criticism at the end there so i hope they're helpful and i hope i entertain you :D

Super nostalgic feeling. Absolutely adore the direction of the game artstyle and the ambience is really great! Excited to see the full project when it's done.

Wonderful game. I think I can keep playing

Definitely had a fun time playing this game, the nostalgia really got to me when I was playing ps1 games back in the day, but overall was pretty danm good for a demo. Keep it up.

Thank you for playing, I enjoyed your video, I'm happy it brought back some memories :) thank you for your kind words on the project at the end of the video. 

Such a cool game! It really captures that old school, nostalgic feel I got from playing PS1 horror games back in the day. Interesting story, cool mechanics and gameplay, and just enough mystery to keep me intrigued! I enjoyed this! 


Thank you for playing my demo! some very funny moments during your play through, I'm glad you got that nostalgic feeling!

Not sure what's going on but Bitdefender won't let me touch your files.  First time it happens on itchio, I get multiple messages of malicious attacks being blocked and quarantined when I extract your game files.  

That is strange, I assure you there is no malicious files in my project, its a direct package from Unreal Engine 4 (nothing added), sounds like you have some sort of issue with your PC ?

Great game! the atmosphere/style were good, I love the style of this game because I'm a fan of the PS1 horror game, can't wait to play the full release.

Hey thank you for playing, I just got done watching your play through I really enjoyed your reaction :) 

The developer does a really great job capturing that classic PS1 feeling! Even the cheesy voice acting lol. Can't wait to see what's added.

Hey thank you for playing, I just watched your video thank you fro appreciating the actors :) I really enjoyed your comments.


I love the direction, environment/style of the game, I have a few criticisms/feedback and I list them as I play the game, had fun and can't wait for great things


Thank you for playing, I watched your whole play through, In fact, this was one of my favourite. thank you so much for going in detail with your opinions especially the last part of the video you are very accurate with your assumptions it seems you are in my head ? aha ( the struggle with making a decision on tank controls has been so real )


Many thanks, I'm passionate about these kinds of things too even as a Non-developer, and thinking how others may be thinking, or how developers may be thinking is something I've grown accustomed too, especially seeing some processes of how people like Puppet combo handle conundrums in games. Hopefully whatever decision is made is for the better of this game, great potential!


A idea I have been toying with is having a few people who can be testers of my project, And I think because you seem to have a good grasp on what I'm going for I would love for you to be one If I go through with it. would you be interested ?


Sure, long as its not too time consuming, just give me a DM anywhere like Twitter on what you need or are thinking about, etc.

this gives me minecraft vibes (definitely in a good way)

I really liked this but I want to see MORE. The exploration is my favorite but I want some MONSTERS! Looks very promising.

Wow I love this GAME!!!! I really want to play it again and play the full thing. Normally with most I will pick out things that need seeing too like spelling or glitches however didn't run into anything bad about this game at all. In fact I want to see more of this games story. 

Dude! Shadowman! That was my intro to horror games! I never hear about Shadowman and you're making a game inspired by it! That whole eclipse deal where you turn the day into night might be a cool mechanic to include in this game. I'll be keeping track of this game :)

hi, big thx for the amazing demo. greetings from rosti


As big fan of silent hill, I gotta say I can't wait for more of this game. I love the demo. btw, will u add any monsters? if yes, will we shoot them or avoid them? keep up the good work of this game :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


You forgot the big Red Arrow in your thumbnail and a shock-emoji.



Thank you for playing, you are hilarious :D

and thank you for making this game :) can't wait to see more

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i really enjoyed the game and the ps1 style please do work on the part 2 and i hope you enjoy the video i put for you 

be sure to sub if you enjoy

Hey, Thank you for playing my demo, I'm happy you enjoyed it, I Enjoyed watching your video :)

thx man that means a lot 

Downloaded and played your game last night. Looking forward to the next demo. Great level design, keep up the good work!

Hey thank you for your kind words I worked hard on the design so its nice to see it appreciated :

This Game is like a Wow moment.. 100% want more of this.. 😄

I just got done watching your video, great commentary you made some very funny comments :D your accent made this even more better for me as its close to home ;)

Hey dude I really liked the demo and I wished if there was more gameplay of this. But I would like you to add menu instead of directly going to the game.

I made my 4th ever commentary gameplay please those who are checking out my video please support me as it would motivate me to overcome my shyness

Hey, Thank you so much, there will be a second demo soon based inside the house. I enjoyed your play through and commentary good job

I am already 100% sold on this story and you have fully nailed the ps1 aesthetic and feel! This is really cool!!

I just finished watching your play through, I gotta say I had a smile on my face the whole time, Thank you for your kind words on my project :) 

I’m pleased you liked the video! I’m so excited to see how this all unfolds!!

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Cant wait for episode 2!

*reuploaded because the video had an issue*

I just finished watching your play through, I enjoyed your commentary and sense of humour, I particular liked you getting caught by the fire :'D 

Im glad you enjoyed my death in your game, hopefully i wont die in the ep.2 ;)


Aha, Part two of the demo will be released soon I'm exited to watch you play that too :)

Amazing game dev :D excited for the next updates , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for your play through, I just got done watching it! I enjoyed watching it!

Thank you so much i'm glad you liked it :D


I really enjoyed your play through and your commentary had me in tears! good stuff!

like it :D wait full story ;D

Thank you for playing, I enjoyed your play through!